Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Not Only Sew, We Cook Too!!!


Did you know that the SPICY gals love to cook as much as they love to sew!? It's true. We do! {And we're not too shabby at it!}

This week I discovered a new recipe that has changed my life ... f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I'm saying, "Goodbye!" to fresh, store bought French bread and, "Hello!" to my very own loaves straight from the oven. So very easy and so beyond delicious. Like seriously, I have never had a better loaf of French bread in my entire life...even whilst in France.

It's that good.

I followed the recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up! with just a few tweaks of my own. I only ever cook with butter {no shortening to be found here, I'm afraid!}, I put half the sugar in with my yeast, and I ended up using somewhere around 7 cups of flour. Also, I believe THE PERFECT BREAD MUST BE KNEADED, so my step #8 involved kneading in the remaining flour and allowing the dough to rise in a lightly greased bowl.

Now that my tummy is blissfully full of this incredible stuff, I'm off to sew some zippers into our SPICY totes! :)

Loves, Al

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