Tuesday, October 11, 2011


hello, friends!

seems like i'm always mentioning that we're still here despite the obvious lack of communication. and since communication is my "department," i apologize for the serious slackishness {which isn't a word though it should be}.

here's the deal - steph and i have been extremely preoccupied with our families this past year.
and one of our stipulations in starting spicy designs was that we would never let the business take priority over our families. so we haven't. we've worked on various projects here and there, but the original gusto in which we started spicy has faded...just a bit. so we have decided to rework a few things - one of which is our website. we are letting go of our website since it has proven to do little for us by way of interest and sales.

OUR BLOG AND ETSY SHOP, HOWEVER, WILL REMAIN ACTIVE. everything else about us - love for custom orders, new designs, and bright colors - will remain the same. we will have a slue of scripture bags ready soon - just in time for the holiday season! so feel free to visit those two sites often {we promise to try harder and communicate more frequently :) }.

and as always, thanks so much for your support!

loves, al

my little "time consumer" stryker. :)