Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where Did Spicy Go?!

Hey, Friends!

Well, we can probably be deemed official SLACKERS! We apologize profusely for the delay with our spicy website. Who knew click and drop and type and crop could be so complicated!? It's like, "Hello! Where did Spicy go!?"

But no need to fear, fellow color-lovers!

We are still here and our Spicy products are available for our
Etsy Shop. True, only pre-made products can be purchased there, but hey, they're still pretty awesome! We promise to keep working hard on our site so that you can customize your little hearts out. Soon, friends, very soon!!! We have some VERY EXCITING THINGS PLANNED, so don't give up on us just yet!!! :)

And as always, thanks for being such awesome people (who are willing to MAKE A STATEMENT!!!) and for your patience! :)


  1. YOU ARE FREAKING KIDDING ME. I was looking you up the other day and I couldn't find signs of life..then I was looking for a spot where I could ask if you ever considered making scripture bags or if you thought one of your bags would fit compact scriptures. Or if you even knew what scriptures were. (!!!) :D And now...aAAAAggh I see your AWESOME scripture holders and I just ordered one for my soon to be baptized girly which is not nearly as awesome. NO NO NO!! I love them!!

  2. I love my statement! I get compliments on my purse all the time.

  3. We love you, Kirsty! Our days just got a whole lot brighter! Thanks for your support and yes, we're still here...though maybe just barely for the time being! ;)

    We are really excited for the direction Spicy is headed...we just need some time and a little more patience!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

  4. Excellent, Shan! We were happy to add such an addition to your loveliness! I hope it is serving its purpose well! ;)

  5. I just wanted to say that I love the new diaper bag design!! So cute!!!! I really need to save my pennies so I can get the purses you guys have!!

  6. Thanks, Bethany! We appreciate the feedback! :) And we hope all is well with you and yours...